Most Important Smart Watch Features

We asked consumers interested in buying a smart watch about the features most important to them in deciding which device to purchase. Extension of Current Phone (68%) ranks first, closely followed by Compatibility with Other Devices(63%), Cost (60%), and Long Battery Life (60%). Other important factors include Size/Portability (56%) and Wireless Connectivity (55%).


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Company Software Spending Plans

After two consecutive upticks business software spending growth is a net 4-pts lower this quarter – but remains at one of the strongest levels of the past four years. Seasonal factors are playing a key role in the downtick this quarter. Since 2006, all but one of our July software surveys have registered either a slowdown or no change in the rate of spending going forward.


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Trend Towards Supplementing TV Services

Our latest Alternative TV trends survey shows a leap in the percentage of consumers paying for a traditional TV subscription AND supplementing it with an alternative service such as Netflix or Amazon. Nearly two-in-five (38%) traditional TV subscribers fit into the “supplementer” category.


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Impact of Data Breaches

Nearly two-in-five (37%) ChangeWave respondents say the recent security breaches have impacted the way they shop. Among this group, Using Cash More Often (31%) and Limiting Debit Card Usage (31%) are the top changes being made, closely followed by Limiting Credit Card Usage (27%).


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Music Streaming Preferences

Apple introduced iTunes Radio nine months ago, and our surveys showed it quickly becoming a top tier streaming service competitor. Amazon is now the latest player to enter the market, recently launching Prime Music as part of its Prime subscription service. To gauge the potential impact of Prime Music, we asked consumers about their plans for using music streaming services over the next 90 days. Pandora (48%) is still the top service of choice, and iTunes Radio (26%) remains in second place. But Prime Music (19%) is not far behind - a clear sign that music streaming preferences are being impacted by the Amazon launch.

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